Mumbai: Thursday Onwards, Two-Wheeler, Pillion Riders Will Face “These” Actions If Found Sans Helmet


Nearly 50 traffic police chowkies in Mumbai will commence stringent action against two-wheeler riders as well as those riding pillion for helmetless commute commencing Thursday, June 9 an official was quoted saying in a report by the news agency PTI. 

Recently, the Mumbai traffic police issued a notification making helmets compulsory for pillion riders and cautioned towards action against those who flout the rule.

Raktilak Roshan deputy commissioner of police (Traffic) was quoted in the account elaborating on how Thursday, June 9, onwards two-wheeler riders and those riding pillion will face action if they are found without helmets. 

He added that the authorities will suspend the flouter’s license for a duration of three months in addition to also imposing a fine of INR 500. Further, he said that the traffic police will issue challans and ask citizens to adhere to the law. Roshan elucidated that 50 traffic chowkies have been told to undertake stringent action against violators. 

Similarly, on Monday, June 6, Mumbai Police Commissioner, Sanjay Pandey requested Mumbaikars to follow rules in regard to helmets and also warned of strict action against those who violate the same. 

It was back in May that the Mumbai traffic police issued an order that those riding a 2-wheeler which includes the rider as well as the pillion have to wear a helmet. The order remarked that action will be taken if this rule is violated for the pillion rider as well. 

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