Mumbai: Ticket Checking Personnel Turn Angels In Uniform For Lost Children & Their Families


The Ticket Checking Staff is o­ne of those Frontline Staff of Indian Railways who are in direct contact with the passengers. They are primarily entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that passengers travel with proper tickets / travelling authority and are empowered to penalize those found violating the Railway rules. In addition, they are also expected to attend to the needs of bonafide passengers as Travelling Ticket Inspectors in mail/express trains and as part of Intensive Checking Squads at stations and suburban trains.

Ticket checking work o­n Mumbai division is more challenging considering that checking activity has to be conducted o­n suburban trains and stations during peak hours and the duties of the Ticket Checking Staff require them to be disciplined and strict. In spite of this there have been numerous instances where the Ticket checking staff have displayed a humane side and have gone beyond their duties in helping many runaway/lost children reunite with their families.

On August 18, 2022, Sunil Kumar Yadav, Sr. Ticket Examiner detected two children at Kalyan station, who had run away from home. The children were counselled and handed over to the Child Care Centre, Kalyan.

On August 11, 2022, Jitendra Meena, Head Ticket Examiner, detected a young child at Ghatkopar, who had been lost. He was taken care of, counselled and was safely handed over to his brother who was called.

On August 4, 2022, P P Lad and Deepak Patil, Ticket checking personnel detected two minor girls in 12810 Howrah-CSMT Mail at Dadar station who had run away from home. They were counselled and handed over to the Child Care Centre.

In the month of August 2022 a total of 8 cases of reuniting lost / runaway children were registered and a total of 16 cases were registered during the period April to August 2022.

These are children who come to the railway station without informing their families, due to some fight or some family issues or in search of better life or lured by the glamour of the city, etc. These children when detected are patiently counselled by Ticket Checking Staff and information of their families are obtained which helps trace them to their parents or relatives etc., and are handed over to Child Care Centre with the help of o­n duty RPF.

Many of the parents express their deep gratitude and thankfulness for this noble service of the Railways.

If any such cases of runaway / lost children are found, passengers are requested kindly inform the on duty Ticket Checking Staff, RPF, Station Master or contact Child Care Centre on helpline no 1098 and help reuniting children with their families.

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