Mumbai Will Witness 22 Days Of High Tide This Monsoon


As per the data revealed by the Disaster Management Cell, Mumbai will witness 22 days of high tide in the Arabian sea in four months of monsoon this year.

Bifurcating further, they explained that six days each in June and July and five days each in August and September will be high tide days.

This development came during a review meeting of District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) at the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) headquarter at CSMT on Tuesday, April 19.

In the meeting, officials from the civic body and other agencies were instructed to carry out inspection of ongoing pre-monsoon works.

According to reports, the highest tide of 4.87 metres is expected on June 16 and July 15, around 1.35 pm and 1.22 pm, respectively. Tide levels above 4.5 metres are dangerous as they can result in heavy flooding, if coupled with heavy showers in low-lying areas. In June, the city will witness rising sea-levels from June 13-18, July 13-18, August 11-15 and September 9-13.

Moreover, in a welcoming news for Mumbaikars, Monsoon is scheduled to be normal this year and will hit the city as usual in June. The BMC said it has started desilting city’s drains and improving the condition of roads.

However, despite proclaimed preparedness, the city will be at greater risk this year with a high tide on 22 days when sea levels are expected to rise beyond 4.5 metre. Last monsoon, the city witnessed a rise in sea levels for 18 days.

The highest high tide, up to 4.87 meters, will be observed on June 4 and July 3. “During the high tides, the administration will be on alert as heavy rainfall on the same day contributes to long-term flooding in parts of the city.

Additionally, the issue of people living in landslide-prone areas were also discussed in the meeting. Officials stated that 72 spots have been identified as landslide-prone areas of which 45 have been marked as dangerous.

It is pertinent to note that the BMC will start sending notices to people living in such areas, asking them to move to safer locations during the rains, as per annual protocol.

So, to ensure the safety of citizens, all departments concerned have been ordered to take necessary precautions.

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