Mumbaikars Can Now Add To Their List Of Authentic Neapolitan Style Pizzas


Pizzas are now synonymous with comfort food, irrespective of the mood, pizzas lift one’s spirit up. The crunchy crust topped with mouth-watering cheese and an immaculate array of toppings is a favourite amongst all. 

The market for pizza has become ever so competitive with each brand trying to one-up each other. A recent opening, OD Pizza (Aka One degree Pizza) has a scintillating variety of Neapolitan-style pizzas that has easily made itself stand apart.

Mumbaikars now have the opportunity to gorge on these appetizing pizzas right at their doorsteps. With an outlet in Bandra, they have now also opened their doors in Fort. Mumbai Live had the opportunity to taste their delectable “Mediterranean Pizza” and “Spicy Chicken Salami Pizza” enabling us to offer you an insight into the much-loved refreshment.

The vegetarian Mediterranean Pizza was the perfect amalgamation of roasted bell peppers, zucchini and ring onion. Garnished with black pepper, garlic and basil, every bite was an explosion of flavours. If you’re a fan of “not-so cheesy” pizzas, this dish is the right fit for you. The fresh mozzarella, parmesan and San Marzano tomatoes sauce offer the quintessential mellow taste. 

On the other hand, the Spicy Chicken Salami Pizza included thinly cut slices of chicken salami, finely chopped green chillies, ring onions, garlic and minimal cheese resting on a bed of a smooth, tangy tomato sauce imported from Italy.

As fans of cheese ourselves, the only drawback for us was its scanty presence on the pizza. What stood out for us, however, was the dough. The thin, fluffy and airy crust, puffed up to just the right level from the sides.

The company prides itself in kneading and stretching the dough of OO flours by hand. Not just this, it is rested between 8-48 hours before being baked. 

If you’re an environmentally conscious eater and an advocate of homegrown businesses, this eatery is just the place for you. Its produce is carefully sourced, with its mozzarella being bought from Mumbai‘s top creameries and hydroponically grown basil. For an authentic Neapolitan experience in Mumbai, the pizzas here are a must-have. 

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