Mumbaikars Could Get Access To A Flood Warning System This Season


From this monsoon, citizens could soon get access to a flood warning system “iFLOWS”, reported the Indian Express. This warning system is reportedly a joint initiative between the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES). 

According to the account, an official from the disaster management department elaborated that the Integrated Flood Warning System (iFLOWS)-Mumbai, communicates alerts of possible flood-prone areas six to 72 hours in advance

Based on the narrative, the civic body had access to the system since the beginning in accordance with which the BMC gave flood alerts and the weather bureau had impact-based warnings for Mumbai. The report however suggests that in 2021, the BMC claimed that the system was not offering actionable results and thus needed fine-tuning.

An official was quoted in the account elucidating that the system is anticipated to offer all data that entail possible floodwater height, location-wise problem areas in all 24 wards as well as calculate the vulnerability and risk of elements exposed to flood.

The official believes that this could help the BMC in directing manpower and machinery in Mumbai’s specific locations to help citizens. 

Through means of this system, Mumbaikars could check areas that could get flooded almost two hours in advance. The civic body is reportedly updating its “Disaster Management MCGM” mobile app. The app could send heatwave alerts, and flood and heavy rainfall alerts.

Presently, the app includes data regarding 24 wards, flood-prone areas, and waterlogging areas but not live updates. In addition to this, the app lists landslide-prone areas, dilapidated buildings, traffic diversion routes and rainfall data.

It has been reported that the early warning forecast could entail alerts about tide levels, rainfall, and storm surge in low-lying areas. This is hoped to curtail the damage Mumbai faces because of rain events. 

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