Nupur Sharma seeks additional time from Bhiwandi Police


The spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party, Nupur Sharma, with her comments against The Prophet sparked a controversy globally. Nupur faced a backlash from different parts of the world for hurting the religious sentiments and encouraging enmity. Considering the same, the Bhiwandi Police registered a case on May 30, 2022, and asked her to appear for the same, however, reports state that Nupur has now sought for additional time from the police.

It is being said that summons were issued to Nupur in the beginning of June for the statements she made against The Prophet. Officials had mentioned that their were objectionable in nature and she was ordered to be present at the police station on Monday, June 13, 2022, which she failed to do so. 

A report regarding the same was published in the Hindustan Times, and the publication quoted the DCP Zone 2 (Bhiwandi) – Thane Commissonerate, Yogesh Chavan, who said, “A mail from Nupur Sharma was sent to Bhiwandi police late on Sunday night regarding her appearance at the police station for recording her statement over the derogatory remarks against The Prophet. In this mail, she stated that she will be appearing at the police station in four weeks. She sought time to appear at the police station”.

A reply has not been given to the request made by Nupur and the matters are being discussed with the senior members regarding the same. 

Besides Nupur, another mass media student, Saad Asfaque Ansari (19) from Bhiwandi was also remanded for a five-day custody as the student is said to have shown support to Nupur’s views and expressed the same on Social Media. A crowd appeared near his residence and demanded arrest. Basis the actions, officials confirmed that the custody was taken on Sunday, June 12, 2022, and that Ansari would continue to be in remand until June 18, post which investigation would be continued.

Joint civil judge at the Bhiwandi magistrate court, AH Sayed, heard the matter, and the lawyer of the 19-year-old Ansari mentioned that the accused had no such malicious intentions as he was a Muslim himself and was sharing thoughts for one’s to remain regarding against those who are focusing on disturbing peace in the society.

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