Over 3000 structures razed for Navi Mumbai International Airport pre-development work


CIDCO, in a statement released on Friday, June 10, 2022, mentioned that over 3,000 structures around the Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA) project area were razed by the concerned authorities. As per reports, land spanning 1,160 hectare was handed over to the body after 3070 structures were razed. Moreover, the project also included relocation of over 5,000 families.

A report regarding the same was publisjed in the Hindustan Times which quoted the Vice-Chairman and Managing Director, CIDCO, Sanjay Mukherjee, who said, “With this, CIDCO has achieved an important milestone in the NMIA project. This was possible due to the cooperation of the Project Affected People (PAP) of NMIA. The work of NMIA is proceeding as per the scheduled timeline and the project is on track.

The Navi Mumbai International Airport is being planned by CIDCO for which a total of 10 villages from Raigad’s Panvel district have been acquired. The body has planned to develop a ‘physical, social and cultural infrastructure’ in the area, titled ‘Pushpak Nagar’ which will focus on rehabilitation and resettlement of the residents who were affected due to the development of the project.

CIDCO has taken the responsibility of moving the idols and other items of the public buildings, churches, public and privately-owned temples which were present in the area where the airport is being constructed. Mukherjee confirmed the same and mentioned that the pre-development works have been completed and that the ‘community temples, schools and cemeteries have been evicted.’

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