Petrol Diesel Price Hike: In Mumbai, Petrol Rates To Soon Touch INR 120/L


As the petrol and diesel prices continue to rise for the 13th day today, April 5, major concerns reinstate for Mumbaikars.

The petrol and diesel rates were hiked by 80 paise and 85 paise respectively in Mumbai, taking the total increase in rates in the last two weeks to INR 9.20 per litre.

With this, petrol has breached to INR 119 while diesel is being sold more expensive than other cities and is close to INR 104 a litre in the city. Besides, Pune district in Maharashtra has also observed similar rates as Mumbai.

In Mumbai, the petrol will now cost INR 119.67 per litre while diesel will cost INR 103.92 per litre.

Meanwhile, the highest petrol prices were witnessed in Maharashtra’s Parbhani district at INR 121.34 per litre. Whereas Amravati remains to be at the top in the list of district selling diesel with the highest rate across Maharashtra at INR 103.02. Moreover, reports have stated that the petrol prices in Amravati has touched INR 120 with today’s hike.

The per-litre price for petrol in Pune stood at INR 118.68 and INR 101.46 for diesel.

The rates have been rising after a four-and-half-month long hiatus since March 22, which was soon after the five-state elections concluded. Moreover, it is pertinent to note that experts have linked this spike to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war crisis that has raised crude oil prices to a seven-year high.

For those unversed, petrol and diesel prices change every day at 6 am. After adding excise duty, dealer commission, VAT and other things to the price of petrol and diesel, its price becomes almost double of the original price. This is the reason why the prices of petrol and diesel appear so high.

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