Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Mumbai-based Psychologists Provide Help To Indian Students In PTSD


Whilst there are difficulties in rescuing Indian students in Ukraine, many of those who have been rescued and returned to India appear to have had terrible experiences, which is a major concern for their parents. Those students who have actually been there and witnessed the war scenario require assistance in erasing those war scenes from their memories so that they can return to their normal lives. Psychiatrists or Psychologists should be consulted for such issues as students will need time to process the entire situation because what they have experienced is not something that happens every day.

MedScapeIndia Aryan Medical Educational Trust provides a helping hand towards the stranded students who went to Ukraine to seek higher education in Medical. A helpline specifically for medical students has been established. They have a group of physicians who has been volunteered to serve the underprivileged wherever possible.

Dr Sunita Dube, Ace Radiologist, Founder and Chairperson of Medscapeindia, is worried about the young children and has assembled a team of Psychiatric and Psychologists to give complete help in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Students who experienced trauma during the Russia-Ukraine crisis had significantly higher rates of depression, anxiety, distorted cognition, personality deficits, and lower levels of social support, which may represent a social and psychological vulnerability for developing psychiatric disorders after these traumatic experiences and uncertainty for their future and education has surfaced.

“We hope for solutions, for discussions that can address and resolve the underlying causes of past disputes, pray for all nations to commit to human rights and to defend all life, for meaningful international involvement to guarantee that justice is served to all parties. We pray for humanitarian help, reconstruction where devastation has happened, and the protection of all human lives in Ukraine and Russia today. We pray for peace, love, as well as the safe return of all students and the end of tragic news and war. We are pleased that our Indian government is constantly doing everything possible to remove our students and Indians from Ukraine,” shared Dr. Sunita Dube.

Those who have witnessed terrible events, like the Soviet-Ukraine conflict in February 2022, may endure profound changes in their minds and bodies. It might be an abrupt alteration as a result of a single catastrophe, such as a car accident, or it can be a continuing sensation that something is “missing,” as is frequent among wartime survivors.

A fresh revelation regarding a long-ago tragedy may “shock” the survivor into a dramatic transformation in how they connect to themselves and others. Some symptoms may grow more acute and then recede as a result of external factors.

Medscapeindia surveyed some students who endured the Soviet-Ukraine conflict and were “apparently in Comparatively superior mental health” about how war trauma affected or impacted their personalities. Some may connect to a few symptoms, while others may relate to a few others. Still of these trauma survivors appear to be ‘fit’ on the outside, yet they all require psychological counselling and family, friends support.

The team of physicians is assisting the nation by aiding its young pupils who have suffered from PTSD as a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict in February 2022. The services would be offered to students based on their specific needs and requirements. They would be assisted with any type of free counselling through MedScapeIndia’s online website, which will encompass any type of medical or therapeutic emergency. Their major focus will be on medical requirements. Since its inception in 2006, the objectives of they have been to provide best quality medical services to the underprivileged while also uplifting society. And now they have stepped up to assist the nation to the full extent of its capabilities, and beyond if necessary.

MedscapeIndia has worked for various awareness campaigns such as Save the Girl Child, HIV Awareness, Preventive medical camps, Breast Cancer Awareness, Doctors’ legible Handwriting campaign, World’s first Doctors’ Anthem, Anokhee Pahal, FIT INDIA campaign, Annual Televised MedscapeIndia Awards and many more.

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