Sci fi gets a new twist by Director-Writer duo Subhayu & Rucchaa


Silbon, yet another project by Dev Motion Pictures, is based on the Super-Breed series of experiments, ambitious human trials designed with the vision of creating a stronger, more resilient and superior type of human from average men. The concept was inspired and born as a result of intense discussions between Director Subhayu Chakrabortii & Writer Rucchaa Omkar while talking about a different project.
“We were working on a completely different story & our discussions turned to World War 2, the atrocities faced then.. a common point of interest arose which took a life of it’s own and created a concept-line which excited the storyteller in me & the visual-lover in Subhayu.” said Rucchaa, a Ghostwriter for the past half-decade, now Screenwriter with a couple upcoming projects to her name along with Silbon.
“Having worked together before, Rucchaa & I know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It is ensuring to know that we will eventually land on the same page through our different routes because we share the same vision, and come up with good ideas at the same time by challenging each other’s thoughts constantly.” quotes Subhayu when asked about the Director-Writer duo.
Unusual creative visualisation combined with a storytelling style packed with complex characters and high twists, this movie promises to keep our audiences glued to their seats wanting more. Producers Pallavi Gupta and Anand Gupta of Dev Motion Pictures are also super excited about Silbon.