Shiv Sena Leader Sanjay Raut Targets BJP, ED With “These” Startling Allegations


On Tuesday, February 15, Shiv Sena leader, Sanjay Raut conducted a press conference at Sena Bhavan in Mumbai’s Dadar, wherein he made certain startling allegations against central agencies and the BJP.

Raut claimed that the central agencies are troubling Shiv Sena leaders and pressure is being created on their leaders by means of these agencies. He added that once he wrote to Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President of India, rumours began gaining stem from BJP leaders that the MVA government will topple on March 10, stated reports.

He added that the state government will firmly stay. Raut is of the opinion that the central agencies are being used to topple the Shiv Sena led government in Maharashtra. He said that MVA has the support of 170 elected members in the state assembly of 288 members, thus he questioned with whose help is the BJP trying to break the elected government in Maharashtra.

During the conference, he went on add that while they wanted to conduct the session at the ED office, they decided to commence it from the Shiv Sena headquarter but will end it at the ED office in the future.

The MP also said that the party will not buckle under anybody’s pressure. He alleged that some days ago BJP leaders threatened him that if he didn’t cooperate in toppling the MVA government they would deploy the ED against him.

Attacking the opposition, he said that while the BJP is threatening him with cases, he dares them to put him in prison where he is willing to go but will see to it that they too land up there. 

Raut further remarked that he rang Union Home Minister, Amit Shah and questioned if he had any enmity against him and said that if he has a problem with him, he could arrest him but asked that his friends and family not be troubled. Raut exclaimed that the ED can come to his place and arrest him.

He added that the Thackeray family is being accused of building 19 bungalows in Alibaug. Raut remarked that he will take all the journalists to these bungalows for a picnic and if the bungalows are not found then those making allegations should be shown their place, cited narratives.

Moreover, he thinks it is startling that a central agency is investigating a small piece of land in Alibaug just because it is his.

Raut further made allegations about BJP’s corruption and questioned if the central agency will probe the IT scam worth INR 25,000 crore that transpired during the BJP government’s rule.

He mentioned that there was another instance of an individual based in Haryana who became rich worth INR 7,000 crore, overnight. Raut claimed that said individual was seen walking in and out of then CM’s bungalow in Mumbai.

During the press conference at the party headquarters, Raut declared that Shiv Sena is not scared of anyone and those troubling them will be dealt with after 2024.

He then went on to attack BJP leader Kirit Somaiya and his son by alleging that they should be arrested concerning the PMC bank fraud case. He went on to pose a question asking who the Nikon Infra Construction company belongs to. Raut alleged that the PMC case accused, Rakesh Wadhwan and Somaiya’s son are partners in the said company.

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