Sibbling Forges fathers Death Papers and Various documents to show hismself as a legal heir, declares father dead when father is still alive, cheats both his Brothers to siphon Father’s Property.

Sibbling Forges

Jagesh Bhadrakumar Savjani a resident of Omkar 1973 at Worli Mumbai – his craze for a luxurious life drove him to take a short cut for Property valuing over 100 Crores for which he not only declared his living father dead but also cheats his other 2 brothers by preparing fraudulent papers of not showing his elder brother in the family tree and also forging his younger siblings signatures when he was not in India specially to become the only independent owner and decision maker of the Property.

He submits Fake addresses in order to complete his ownership documentations and also Executes Agreement worth over Rs. 20 Crore, 66 lakh with A Multinational Shell India Markets Pvt Ltd being a Subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell PLC, commonly known as Shell, by fraudulently representing himself as an Independent Owner , as well as executing fraudulent documents and agreements with Ladli Party Plot on the Other part of the Property. An FIR has been registered against the Accused Jagesh Bhadrakumar Savajani under IPC Section 406. Punishment for criminal breach of trust, Section 420 Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property, Section 465. Punishment for forgery, Section 467 – Forgery of valuable security, will, Section 468 – Forgery for purpose of cheating, Section 471.

Using as genuine a forged document or electronic record, Section 114 – Abettor present when offence is committed with regard to the property situated at Vishnu Pulse Mills Sama Savli Road, by his Brothers Mr Samir Bhadrakumar Savjani alongwith his younger brother Amish Bhadrakumar Savjani whose signatures have been forged, also being the other victim of the crimes committed by the Accused Jagesh Savjani. Various Tampered , Forged & Fabricated Documents have been Obtained from Government Records which the Police is Now Investigating.