Street Animals In Mumbai Receive A New Lease Of Life


Walk on any street in Mumbai and you will see a happy clutch of strays prancing around all day, sometimes greeting a few pedestrians along the way. Some of them are well taken care of by animal lovers, shops, and restaurants that feed them. We see Mumbaikars pouring their hearts out to care for these street animals. However, we also come across injured strays or undernourished animals mostly abandoned by their owner, living on the street, with no one to care for them once old or injured.  

Taking cognizance of this unfortunate situation, the Being Animal Foundation (BAF) has opened its doors to these street animals in need of care. Located in Santacruz, the medical centre will give rescuers and feeders a rightful chance at saving an animal’s life.

Mr Ashwin Sheth, Trustee, Being Animal Foundation, “I am an animal lover at heart and have aspired to play a part in protecting and safeguarding street animals. I trust to see my dream of helping maximum animals come true through BAF and Dr Deshmukh.” 

Dr Deshmukh shared his vision, “My only mission is to save as many animal lives as possible. Street animals often do not get timely and affordable veterinary care and have to pass away in pain helplessly. Money should not be an obstacle whilst trying to save a life. The clinic will help them get the best shot at life and live a life with dignity.”

The clinic’s primary aim is to help rescuers and feeders help animals at affordable pricing. We often see rescuers are hesitant to help out an animal in need because they are unable to afford the care at that moment in time. Now, the no-profit clinic will alleviate the problem and encourage the citizen to come ahead and help out our loving animals. 

The no-profit clinic is housed with an OPD, Surgical Unit, Lab, and post-operation facilities, that can take care of most needs that are essential in providing stray animals with the best care possible. They also provide an ambulance service from Bandra West to Andheri so rescuers, feeders, and volunteers, can help the animals reach the clinic in time. Not just that, the clinic feeds stray animals in the nearby areas to keep them healthy and happy daily. 

Dr Michelle Simoes, speaking on the clinic, “It is upsetting to see how rising costs have left animals without proper medical care. Since we opened, we have already treated stray dogs and cats, turtles, birds, rabbits. We are pleased to be stepping in to provide the care animals deserve.”

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