Top 5 Things to do During Monsoon In Mumbai This Weekend


Rains in Mumbai bring a lot of opportunities for travel enthusiasts and monsoon lovers in the city. From gorging on soul-soothing kebabs to heading for a mini-vacation, the list is endless. So, for you to experience ultimate bliss, we have penned down some of the best places you can visit this monsoon:

Enjoy Kebabs

Tender, juicy, and flavoursome, kebabs touch the soul with their succulent taste. Monsoon’s chilly breeze demands aromatic kebabs on a platter along with dips, chutneys, and raw onions. This delicacy is synonymous with Bayroute, which serves Middle Eastern cuisine with utmost grace and authenticity. Not only the indulgent food and warm service, but this place also follows the architectural and décor theme with a blue hue, golden adornments, and elements that accentuate the royal vibe it seeks to offer.

One can immerse themselves in palatable Kebab Joojeh. This Iranian version of skewers features grilled chicken marinated in onion juice, yoghurt harissa lebeneh, and aromatic saffron. Bayroute also has wholesome mezze platters on its menu that you must try.

2. A stroll Along the Marine Drive

Marine Drive, where sea waves know all your stories, is even more mesmerizing during the Monsoon in Mumbai. From sharing a hot cup of tea with your better half to drenching in the rain with your headphones on, nothing beats the vibe that this place brings. To elevate your experience, grab a plate of crispy bhajiyas, and pair it with piping hot Masala Chai for an ultimate ‘Aaha’ moment.

3.  Hot Coffee With Your Loved Ones

Grab a book you promised to read, but it kept hiding in your bookshelf, and head to Poetry by Love and Cheesecake for some ‘me time’ with a steaming hot cup of coffee. This café has endless options, including Mocha, Café Latte, and Americano, to name a few. In fact, their Nutella Hot Chocolate as an infusion of bittersweet cocoa and nutty hazelnuts is even more heavenly than the weather. Enjoy your beverage as a comforting, warm hug!

4. Monsoon Getaway/Staycation

Monsoon in Mumbai demands a luxurious getaway in the lap of nature. Five-star properties offer the best of both worlds. Indulge in the opulence of sauna rooms and fitness centres as the cool breeze soaks all your worries.

5. Rejoice Pan-Asian Cuisine

Sesami identifies itself as a modern pan-Asian restaurant yet offers so much more than that. Besides providing a lavish view of Powai through its massive picture windows, it has tongue-tickling delicacies to satisfy your stomach. From gobble-worthy dumplings, and sushi, to oh-so-appetizing soups, Sesami has everything soothing for monsoons. In fact, their Mango Menu is worth trying before the season of this pulpy, juicy fruit ends.

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