Transgender or Individual belonging to any caste can become the CM: Ajit Pawar


Amid the ongoing communalism across the state, Union minister Raosaheb Danve had recently expressed that he wishes to see a Brahmin as the next Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

However, in reaction to this, Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar on Thursday, May 5, comment that a transgender or an individual belonging to any caste can become the state’s CM if he/she has the backing of 145 MLAs (out of 288 Assembly seats in the state).

Additionally, he also lashed out at MNS chief Raj Thackeray over the loudspeaker row at a press conference in Mumbai and said nobody should speak the “language of ultimatum” with the government.

Meanwhile, a day earlier, on Wednesday, May 4, Pawar without mentioning MNS leader, he stated that nobody should speak the language of ultimatum. This is not a dictatorship. If you want to give an ultimatum sitting inside your home to your family members, do it, we have nothing to do with it. But if someone is making such statements publicly, then remember, governments and the country run as per laws and the Constitution…rules are the same for all.

Raosaheb Danve made the statement while addressing a rally organised by some Brahmin community members on the occasion of Parshuram Jayanti celebration. He also pointed out that so much of casteism has come into politics and that it cannot be ignored. But, there should be a leader who can keep communities together.

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