We’ll Investigate & See How It Went Viral: Tope On Navneet Rana MRI Scan Pictures


On Wednesday, May 11, Maharashtra Health Minister, Rajesh Tope, while interacting with the media spoke on the controversial issue of pictures of MP Naveneet Rana getting an MRI scan at Mumbai‘s Lilavati Hospital. Tope elaborated on how clicking pictures isn’t a part of the rules.

Tope believes that clicking pictures and getting them viral by politicising them isn’t good. He informed that the government would investigate the same and see who clicked the picture as well as assess how it went viral. 

The health minister declared that they will be speaking to Lilavati Hospital to understand if the pictures went viral from the hospital’s end or that of the Rana couple’s. Based on the conclusions they draw, they will decide the further course of action. 

In other developments, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) reportedly issued a notice to the hospital on why photography was permitted in the MRI room when Rana was taken there for a scan after her bail. Moreover, Shiv Sena leaders also reached the hospital and questioned the management on how pictures of Rana were allowed to be shot and distributed on social media. 

Navneet Rana along with her husband, Ravi Rana were arrested for threatening to chant the Hanuman Chalisa outside the residence of Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray.

Other than this, Tope also commented on the COVID-19 condition in Maharashtra. He elucidated that while cases are rising, it is not happening rapidly. Therefore, he says that there isn’t any need to panic. Tope informed the media that with coronavirus cases increasing in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, he interacted with their health ministers too.

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