World No-Tobacco Day: Here’s How Hospitals Support Mumbai Police, Their Families


In accordance to the World No-Tobacco Day, ACI Hospitals, a boutique multi-speciality healthcare centre with an expertise in Oncology (Cancer), vouches to protect the real heroes of city; Mumbai Police and their families and offer free cancer check-ups. As a part of the initiative, ACI Hospitals will be setting up mobile vans for cancer check-ups in June 2022 across 5 police stations in Mumbai; Worli, Nagpada, Dadar-Naigoan, Tardeo and Gaodevi offering special diagnostics for cancer detection.

It is no surprise that tobacco addiction causes short and long-term diseases like cancer, lung diseases, chronic bronchitis, etc. Discontinuing smoking as a habit is one of the necessary actions to improve health significantly. With an aim to create awareness about the cause and promote quality healthcare, ACI Hospitals will be offering the health check-ups and doctor consultations free of cost for all members of the police fraternity.

Speaking on the occasion and the campaign, Dr. Deepak Parikh, Medical Director, ACI Hospitals, said, “Tobacco addiction can be distressing and often lead to health problems to the others around us. One can start overcoming such an addiction by taking small steps and quitting gradually. The idea is to find out one’s triggers and plan accordingly to overcome them. The addiction is often found with individuals who work in high-stress environments especially in job profiles like the police force. We at ACI Hospitals have always had a huge respect for the police fraternity and value their efforts constantly. Through this campaign we aim to honour the real heroes of our city and their supporting families.  It’s time that we put their health first and offer them the best possible support that we can. We are excited to offer them free health check-ups across the city and urge the fraternity to come forward and avail of these services for a better and healthier future.”

According to WHO reports, every year more than 8 million people die of tobacco consumption yet it continues to rapidly increase among people of all age groups in the country. Highly addictive, it can wreak havoc on one’s cardiovascular and respiratory health apart from putting one at risk of many types of cancer. Thus, its time, we address the challenges to improve health status by decreasing craving and controlling withdrawal symptoms. In alignment to this, the Member States of the World Health Organization created the World No-Tobacco Day in 1987 to draw global attention to this tobacco epidemic and the preventable death and disease it causes hence, it is annually observed around the globe on May 31.

The ACI Hospital located in the heart of Mumbai city has consistently delivered state-of-the-art health care in the field of surgical & medical oncology and palliative care and many other disciplines. Additionally, ACI hospitals offer excellent laboratory, radiology and endoscopy services plus cutting edge operative procedures in all fields including robotic surgery. The hospital is proud of its ability to offer emergency care including intensive care unit equipped with state of the art equipment.

 The Centre is a referral point for world class Cancer care for national and international patients which is delivered at an affordable cost without compromising on the delivery of clinical outcomes. 

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