Yoga for Humanity selected as the theme for International Day of Yoga 2022


The 8th edition of International Day of Yoga (IDY) will be celebrated with theme “Yoga for Humanity”. 

Ministry of Ayush, in a recent announcement, mentioned that the government has chosen this theme for the International Day of Yoga 2022 to be organised in India. The event will be marked across the globe on June 21, 2022This year, main event of IDY 2022 demonstration will be held at Mysuru, Karnataka. The theme of last year’s IDY, organised during COVID-19 pandemic was “Yoga for wellness”. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the theme in his “Maan Ki Baat’ address. The theme for this year’s IDY has been selected after much deliberation and consultation and it appropriately portrays, how during the peak of COVID-19 pandemic, yoga served the humanity in alleviating the sufferings and in the emerging post-covid geo-political scenario too, it will bring people together through compassion, kindness, foster a sense of unity and build resilience among people world over.

Sharing more information, Union Minister for Ayush, Ports, Shipping & Waterways, Sarbananda Sonowal said that the PM has suitably announced this year’s IDY theme as Yoga for Humanity. “As we are aware Yoga is a practice that brings joy, health, and peace from within, and it deepens a sense of continuous connection between an individual’s inner consciousness and the external world. IDY 2022 will be successful in propagating this theme appropriately.”

Focusing on Yoga for Humanity, special programmes for this year’s IDY have been designed for specially abled people, transgender population, women and children. Human values that are an integral part of Yoga education in schools are also in focus. This year our villages/Gram Panchayats will also see huge participation as, the Common Service Centres (CSCs) are promoting practice and training of Common Yoga Protocol (CYP) and it is expected millions of villagers will participate in the IDY 2022. 

The 8th edition of International Day of Yoga will see many firsts, one of them is an innovative programme named Guardian Ring, which will showcase the movement of the sun, participation of people performing Yoga will take place along with the movement of the sun from different countries, beginning from east and marching towards west. It will be a wonderful Relay Yoga Streaming programme telecasted live on DD channels.

A total of 75 national level iconic sites will also be showcasing the mass CYP demonstration on June 21, 2022, while respective states will also organise similar programmes at 75 important locations as per their selection. 

The 8th edition of International Day of Yoga (IDY2022) is being promoted through multiple programmes by the Ministry of Ayush, in association with Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga. A curtain raiser event to mark the 100 days countdown was celebrated on March 13, 2022, which started the campaign: 100 days, 100 cities and 100 organisations from March 13, to June, 21, 2022, across the globe.

A 75th day countdown event was organized at the Red Fort in New Delhi. The 50th Days countdown was celebrated at Sivasagar, Assam and 25th days countdown was celebrated in Hyderabad, Telangana. 

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