Zomato offers an unusual employment offer to an intern


An intern has received a rare job offer from Zomato. The offer followed the large number of likes the intern got on his Instagram post.

The fate of a candidate’s employment is mostly determined by how well that candidate impresses executives in the Human Resources department and senior management at a corporation.

Customers of an organisation rarely have a say in such decisions. However, this happened to a student who was interning with the food aggregating platform Zomato last month.

Following many requests from Instagram fans, the meal delivery company made an unusual offer to the intern to join their social media team.

Zomato went to LinkedIn earlier this week to reveal the remarkable storey of this intern who is now the co-admin of its Instagram handle.

What the Gurugram-based company felt was “the lamest idea ever” enabled the ex-intern achieve his ideal job.

According to the statement, “The finest thing for us was realising that ideas are useless until they are expressed. At the very least, they will be eventful, but at the very best, they will be game changers.”

On December 8, the former intern designed a short social media campaign including food products with their names, complete with puns galore. The public could relate to the post, from sev (save) puri and delete puri to word play on bay leaf’s desi moniker tej (speed) patta, and the project was a hit with the Instagram followers.

Given the amount of attention the social media post was receiving, Zomato decided to throw in a little challenge. “50k likes on this post and we offer him a full-time role,” said the post’s pinned remark.

Supportive and encouraging responses flowed in for the intern in the comments area, and the post received 50K likes in three hours.

The intern got hired the next day. The post has received over 98K likes since then.

The letter’s substance was as follows: “Hello, Intern. We are forced to offer you a full-time position as co-admin of our social media handles due to popular demand. Your everyday responsibilities include the following:

1. Not boasting about receiving 50K likes on a post.

2. That’s all.

Your annual pay would still be based on ‘exposure.’

P.S. : Please keep in mind that if any of your future postings receive fewer than 20K likes, you will be downgraded to an intern once more.”

Zomato joked on LinkedIn that the worst part is that their ex-intern hasn’t stopped bragging about his $50,000 success.

Zomato has just under 600,000 Instagram followers, 1.5 million Twitter followers, and over 737K LinkedIn followers.

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