Ram Yadav of Sneh Foundation organized a historical international program in Alwar district of Rajasthan

New Delhi [India], March 13 (ANI/ATK): Historic international program of two days was organized in Alwar district by Ram Yadav, the founder of Sneh Foundation. In the two days program first day was on the occasion of wild life day and on the second day Holi Milan Ceremony was organised. Ram Yadav said that a Group of Ambassadors and diplomats from 8 different countries and 5 continents of the world Oceania (Australia), Africa, South America, Asia and North America came to Alwar district on a two-day visit. In which Papua New Guinea High Commissioner Paulias Korney Obey, Cote d’Ivoire Ambassador M.NDRY Eric Camille, Trinidad and Tobago High Commissioner Dr Roger Gopal, Madagascar’s Deputy Ambassador Randianariwoni Tsiouri, Lebanon’s Deputy Ambassador Ziad Kousa, Chile’s Trade Commissioner Marcela Zuniga Alegria, El Salvador’s Economic Advisor Steven Antonio Ramirez Cuellar and South Korea’s Embassy Senior Researcher Economist Junghwa Kim were also present to witness the event.

The foreign diplomats visited Sariska Tiger Reserve on the occasion of World Wildlife Day. During the visit to Sariska Tiger Reserve, the foreign diplomats got a sighting of Tiger ST 9 and ST 21 at the water anicut in Kala Kuan which pleased them. Ram Yadav also said during the visit to Sariska that foreign diplomats got to see different animals including deer, crocodiles, wild rabbits, wild boar and different species of birds.

Arrival of foreign ambassadors and diplomats will promote tourism in Sariska Tiger Reserve said founder of Sneh Foundation Ram Yadav.

Sariska DFO Devendra Pratap Jagawat and Ranger Jitendra Chaudhary welcomed the foreign delegation on their visit with garlands and hats. Foreign diplomats also tasted district specialties from Kanhaiya famous Sweets Milk Cake and Kadhi Kachori. Team praised special sweets of alwar.

The international delegates praised the district administration, Sariska administration, and forest department for their excellent management of the tiger reserve at the International Seminar on World Wildlife Day in Alwar district, which was held after dinner at the Alwar Motel. The diplomats acknowledged the Sariska Tiger Reserve’s potential as a tourist destination and complimented Ram Yadav, the founder of the Sneh Foundation for planning the best safari in the area.

Next day Ambassadors and diplomats from seven different countries participated in a historic international Holi Milan ceremony at Khairthal’s Sundaram Garden where they played Holi with flowers.

Ram Yadav in holi milan ceremony said that Ceremony organized in Khairthal and the visit of foreigners diplomats in the program will help khairthal to get International recognition. He also said that Alwar has numerous golden opportunities for tourism, employment and foreign diplomat’s team visiting here will give it a lot of encouragement.

Ceremony was also attended by well-known personalities including Khairthal’s Vipra Foundation President Mohan Sharma , GTTCI President Gaurav Gupta , SME Bizz ceo Jitender Chawla , Vishnu Chawda , Mohit Lalwani and world-famous photographer Anil Gaba. During the Holi Milan Ceremony famous vocalists Mann Singh & Gora Singh also gave live performance.

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