Avoid Knee-Spine operations with Acupuncture

When coming to any surgery we remember 2 golden words, Better Later. Knee-Spine surgeries are getting commoner and was looked into only choice left. Gone are the days to think so. Acupuncture is drugless treatment using tiny needles to stimulate acupoints by using machine or other techniques. At Dr Lohiya Acupuncture we could successfully avoid more than 90% of knee-Spine operations. We Ourselves being a team of Allopaths know the depth of illness and how to tackle it well. Next step is to treat Knee or Spine with accurately selected Acupuncture points. Acupuncture treatment has a customized approach meaning treatment points vary from patient to patient. Disposable sets of needles and a standardized format adds to safety and effectivity at Dr Lohiya Acupuncture.

Avoid Knee Operations- Aging is main cause of brushed cartilages and reduced joint space resulting into Osteoarthritis Knee. Some patients may have knee pain at early ages due to mechanical injury, rheumatism, hormonal imbalance, debility etc. Acupuncture helps release neurotransmitters that reduce inflammation, it helps meridians to function well, remove blockages and move blood to improve the joint. Treat your knee early for complete recovery. Chronic cases too improve well and majority can certainly avoid knee surgery. We have experienced more than 5lakh such cases in last 23yrs.

Avoid Spine Surgeries- Slip disc is a misnomer. While the disc stays at place it is just inflamed part of it that slips. With Acupuncture we simply heal this inflamed part so that the disc retains position. I must say Acupuncture is very fast to minimise inflammation with the results we see. Patients literally taking bed rest for months together could get rid of illness, majority see best results within 10 days of treatment. Again perfection and our experience counts.

Dr Sachin P Lohiya
MBBS, D. Ac, DTCM, MD(Acupuncture),
Pain Physician, Alumini Beijing District College and WHO centre at Hanoi, Vietnam.

* Secretary -Indian Academy of Acupuncture Science.
* Council Member World Association of Chinese Medicine.
* Member Hongkong Acupuncture Society.

Books Published –
*’Gharche Ghari Acupressure upchar’ in Marathi.
*Model Question Bank- Part 1
*Model Question Bank- Part 2

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